Hello and welcome to West Wind's Rabbitry.   Our focus is to produce quality Mini Lops, as close to the American Rabbit Breeders Association's (ARBA) Standard of Perfection as we can.  West Wind's Rabbitry is a registered rabbitry with ARBA.  We breed for quality, not quantity!

The French Lop program has been phased out, and our Mini Lop program is off to a great start!  Thanks to Randy and Robin Kareha, we were able to add a nice broken chocolate buck and a black steel doe.  We also picked up a really nice steel doe from Rita Cluck and my good friend, Patti Hess, set me up with a broken chin buck and an adorable black chin doe (who picked up a leg at her first show).  And a BIG thank you to Heather Seymour!  She went above and beyond to help me, and soon we'll be bringing home an awesome chestnut herd buck.

Our Mini Lop herd is off to a great start, with 2 litters of juniors, 2 litters about to be weaned, and another litter hitting the 4 week mark.  I am very excited to see how the babies mature.  If you're wondering what breed of rabbit to get in to, I highly recommend the Mini Lop!  Not only do they have wonderful dispositions, they're also easy to breed, come in a wide variety of colors, make awesome pets, and have floppy ears.  What's not to love about them? :-).  And the Mini Lop breeders are some awesome folks, too!

We are located in scenic central Pennsylvania and usually have a few quality rabbits for sale.  Free delivery to any show we are attending, or rabbits can be picked up at a location near us.

See you at the shows!!

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